2007-02-14 @ 16:27

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. I haven’t posted all month, so I’ll try to do something today. I signed up for Technorati, so that my blog is listed. Now I have to post a link to my Technorati Profile.

I bought a condo, and I’ll be moving in on Monday. Here’s a couple photos:


The kitchen is kinda small, but I like it. You can check out more photos here. I am incredibly glad I’m moving out because my current Super is really terrible. My sink recently had some sort of back pressure and sent water and disgusting stuff out, and my super was dragging his feet getting it fixed. I had to yell at him on the phone before it got fixed.

I was thinking today, I get plenty of hits to my blog every day. I try to talk about making love tenderly down by the fire on a bear skin rug, and yet I have not met any ladies through this blog. Why is that?

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2007-02-26 @ 19:48

ruby mechanize 0.6.5 Released

mechanize version 0.6.5 has been released!


The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects, can follow links, and submit forms. Form fields can be populated and submitted. Mechanize also keeps track of the sites that you have visited as a history.


= Mechanize CHANGELOG

== 0.6.5

  • Copying headers to a hash to prevent memory leaks
  • Speeding up page parsing
  • Aliased fields to elements
  • Adding If-Modified-Since header
  • Added delete_field! to form. Thanks to Sava Chankov
  • Updated uri escaping to support high order characters. Thanks to Henrik Nyh.
  • Better handling relative URIs. Thanks to Henrik Nyh
  • Now handles pipes in URLs http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=7140&group_id=1453&atid=5709
  • Now escaping html entities in form fields. http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=7563&group_id=1453&atid=5709
  • Added MSIE 7.0 user agent string


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