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First Post!

Wow. This is my first post of 2007. I’ve been really lazy about writing on here. I’ll try to catch up really quickly. My Birthday happened, and it was the best birthday ever. I’ll try to sum up my birthday in a couple pictures:


That is a tiny head made in my likeness made from marzipan.

Then I went home for Christmas. That was a bunch of fun, but I really missed Seattle. I don’t know how anyone can be down on Seattle. I just can’t understand it. Salt Lake City is so crappy! I just don’t think people realize how good it is here! I think that any place you go will have crappy people, or things you don’t like. At least Seattle is beautiful. Anyway, I got a giant pan for Christmas, and we ate turkey:

Giant PanIMG_0261.JPG

I had to take the Giant Pan back because I don’t think it would fit through the door of my apartment. Also, I think it was just a wash tub that someone put a handle on and some non-stick action. I guess having a non-stick bathtub might be nice because you wouldn’t get soap scum. The only drawback is that it would be really slippery.

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