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Back In Town!

Ya, I suck. I’ve been in back for a while, but haven’t written about my trip. I went to Edinburgh, Scotland a couple weeks ago to visit my friends Angie and Joeseph. They’re the ones who got hitched in Spain. I think that Scotland is probably the best country ever. You can get anything you want deep fried there. I’m pretty sure most of my meals consisted of either meat and potatoes, or something deep fried.

For example:

Deep Fried Mars BarMonster Mash The Good HaggisScotch Egg

That is a deep fried mars bar, sausage, potatoes, gravy, haggis, and a scotch egg. All delicious!

We also visited many historic sites including an underground tour where we learned about two serial killers that sold the bodies of their victims. Burke and Hare, and you can read about them here. Basically they would lure people to their bed and breakfast, kill them, then take them through the under ground tunnels, and sell the bodies to the Edinburgh University Medical department. They were caught, and one of them was hanged and dissected.

I also saw Dolly the cloned sheep, and went on a scotch tour. There was a lot more stuff, but I’m tired of writing.


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