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Public Apology

Hi everyone. I screwed up, and I need to make a public apology.

After I left work today, someone was kind enough to leave a note for me on my scooter notifying me of my gross incompetence. Here is a photograph of the note:

Note someone left me!

It reads “Please find a scooter-sized Spot. A car could fit.”. It seems as though I carelessly parked my scooter such that a car could not fit in that spot. I was under the impression that the taxes I pay to license my vehicle entitled me to the same benefits a car would have. But I was dead wrong. And I am glad that this kind hearted soul left a note to inform me. As a scooter owner, it is important for me (and all other scooter owners) to realize that street parking is at a premium, and that cars have much higher priority for parking than scooters.

I can’t believe that I would make such a mistake. In addition to being a scooter owner, I am also a car owner! I will make sure that next time I commute to work, I will make sure to take my car - so that I don’t waste precious street space!

Here is a photograph of my scooter that the note was left on:

Orange Dreamcycle

I feel so terrible about the mistake I made that I would love to apologize to the person I inconvenienced in person! Please contact me, or leave a comment, and we can meet up! Make sure to bring measurements of your car so that I will make absolutely sure that there is enough room for you to park.

Next time I drive my scooter I will make sure to constantly check on it so that if any car parking next to it gets up nice and close, so that the general area of my scooter doesn’t look so tempting to another car driver!

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