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Autotest and BetaBrite

I’ve finally added USB betabrite support to my Betabrite library, and released version 1.0.0.

Version 1.0.0 also includes an autotest module so that you can see your autotest output on the sign. Here is what mine looks like:

Betabrite Autotest

The sign shows errors too, but it scrolls, so I couldn’t get it in one picture. Anyway, if you’ve got the USB sign, all you have to do to get it working with autotest is add this to your .autotest file:

require 'betabrite/autotest'
require 'usb'


The hook method takes a block, and you can modify your messages before they are sent to the sign. For example, I wanted my failures to be blue, so my .autotest file looks like this:

require 'betabrite/autotest'
require 'usb'

Autotest::BetaBrite.hook(BetaBrite::USB) do |failures, erorrs|
  failures.rgb('0000FF') if failures.green?
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