Tenderlove Making

A Tender Moment or Two

Last night after Kickball practice, we went to sing karaoke at Bush Garden. I’ve never seen the place so empty! I got to sing like four times. Anyway, there were many tender moments to be encoutered. First, there was the girl passed out on the seat with her Mom (I think), and boyfriend (?) tenderly trying to revive her. Thirty minutes later, they somehow got her to stand up and walk out. That scene was very Date Rapey ™.

The next tender moment was the group of recent law school graduates who came to sing. Most of their selections need to go on Ball Deep’s bad music collection for throwing off the other team. The only songs I can remember they sang were Spin Doctors and Crash Test Dummies. I think the Crash Test Dummies one was the worst. First, how hard is it to sing “Mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmmm mmm ohhh ooohhhhhh oooohhhhh”? And she didn’t even sing in the weird Eddie Vedder type voice. The best song of the evening had to go to Pam and Stacy singing the duet with Pam being Michael McDonald.

Finally at the end of the evening was the most tender moment of all. A moment I like to call “Asian Man Singing Karaoke Tells Girls to Jiggle Those Titties”. This asian man was singing karaoke, and started yelling at Pam, Stacy and Katie to “jiggle those titties”. Luckily the guy was more Rape Junior ™ than Rape Original ™, so it wasn’t too scary.

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