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Do Not Litter

Seriously. Don’t litter. It really pisses me off. Someone has to clean that shit up, which costs money and is also a pain in the ass. I mean, do you throw garbage on the floor in your house? I don’t. Well, sometimes I do, but then I have to pick it up and take it out, and that is a pain in the ass. People littering usually don’t pick it up. I guess its not really considered littering if the litteree picks up the litter. I think then its just considered dropping or throwing something and then picking it up.

On the way home from work yesterday there was particularly bad traffic on I-5 and this guy in the car next to me was grabbing handfuls of cigarette butts and throwing them out the window. He wasn’t really throwing though. He would just hang his arm out the window and let them go to be all sly and stuff. I watching him do it 3 times! So I shouted “hey! quit littering”, but he didn’t look at me. I couldn’t tell if he was hard of hearing (he looked pretty old), or if he was ignoring me. So finally I yelled “Hey asshole! Quit fucking littering!”. That time he looked at me and gave me an oops, I’ve been busted face. Unfortunately at that point traffic started to move again so I didn’t get to have any more altercations with him again.

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