Tenderlove Making


Sup ya’ll. I know its been a while since I rapped at you, but I’ve been busy. I was in Chi-town hollaing at my girl Jackie. Basically hanging with my shortie was more fun than spitting rhymes at the local hip-hop club. In less than 24 hours, I had a hottie up in my grill asking me on a date! I was like holla! In 5 1/2 years in Seattle, that has never happened to me. Seattle can suck it! I hate you Seattle. Except for your weather.

One night Jackie and I went to South Chicago to a Reggae party at someones house. I had a really fun time, but it was very strange to be the only white man there. Also, one night we went to a brit-pop/new wave dance night at some club. I had an awesome time there! I can’t believe we don’t have a place like that in Seattle. Does anyone know where I can go dancing to stuff like that here?

In conclusion….. Seattle, I love you for your weather, beer, mushrooms, scenery, my friends, the cheese festival, coffee shops, and the seafood. However, you need to do some major work on your dance clubs, women, public transit, expensive houses, crappy nightlife, abundance of fleece, and pinecones. Those things are lame.

Peace out. A-town.

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