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Twenty Bucks a Day

A while back, Pam and I went walking around Capitol Hill to watch people and just look at stuff. We ended up going to Frites to pick up some Belgian fries. While we were waiting in line I was talking to Pam about how I’m not a Rachael Ray fan, these three guys start talking to us about how they don’t like her either. At least I think that’s what they were talking about. I really couldn’t understand anything they said, so I just nodded like I understood. I was hoping that Pam could understand them so that I could ask her later. The only words I could understand was at one point one of the guys said “Pesto Handjob”. That was quit clear. After they left, I asked Pam about it, and she couldn’t understand them either, except for the “Pesto Handjob” part!!

Anyway, Rachael Ray is famous for this show called “$40 a day” where she goes to different cities and only spends $40 on food in one day. I want to try doing $20 a day and undercut Rachael Ray. Maybe food network would give me a job. I’ve already got a couple days planned where I only spend $20 on food, I just need to take photos when I do it. Just to give you a hint, one of my meals will be one of those street vendor hot dogs with cream cheese, sauerkraut, onions, and mustard, all wrapped in a slice of Hot Mama’s pizza.

Also, today I got a note from my landlord saying:

WTF? Can they do that? Does that mean that if I tell them I’m moving out, they’ll charge me $40? And what is the fee for? I’m really irritated with my landlord. I need to get out of this building.

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