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Hitchhikers, Denver

Over the weekend, I was at RubyConf 2006 in Denver. On the way back to the airport, I saw the best road sign ever made. It said something to the effect of “This is a state prison. Please do not stop for hitchhikers”. I would’ve snapped a picture, but I was driving. If anyone can find a photo of that sign, please send it to me!

I gave a lightning talk presentation on my BetaBrite library where I controlled my LED sign. Basically, I had 5 minutes to show the thing off in front of 300 people! I had Ryan Davis hold the thing up, but somehow the sign got reset! I ended up letting the next person go while I got the damn thing working. Then I gave the presentation, and everything worked out much better.

My first slide had the name of my talk, along with my blog URL. Everyone thought the address was pretty funny, so now I’m scouring the web trying to find reviews. I think I’ve found my very first website review, and my most favorite review. It comes from OnRails, and says

That made me laugh. Thanks OnRails!

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