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Random Clam

Hey everyone. I know its been a while since I posted an entry, but I’ve been busy. I got a new job where I get to write Ruby all day, and that makes me very happy. I was also interviewed by Pat Eyler, and you can read my interview here. I was hoping that the interview would help me get in touch with some people from Adaptive Micro Systems so that I could get some hardware to test on, but nothing seems to have happened.

Anyway, night before last, Katie, Stacy, Wolf, and I went to see Crispin Glover put on a show. It was alright, but his books reminded me of a book that Jackie lent me called Principia Discordia. His books were all in style of poorly photocopied propaganda, and that was amusing, but I didn’t find it as funny as a lot of other people in the room.

Last night we watched the VH1 original Totally Awesome. The movie was pretty good, but not as good as We Hot American Summer. We were also talking about making an 80’s style love drama starring me with all my friends. The opening would show me riding on the Seattle subway to Fremont, passing the Space Needle at least three times. The opening theme would be “Everyday Is a Winding Road, and I would go in to work and there would be hijinks going on at work when I got in. Of course my love interest in the film would work at the local independent coffee shop, where Stacy would play her coworker. We’re still working out all of the details, but I think it will be great.

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