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I like news anchor catch phrases and play on words. Things like “Bob was just an ordinary man, but was forced to do something extraordinary”, or “Bill was buying a dirty magazine one day when he got more than he bargained for”. I try to do the same thing when I’m talking to people at work about programming but people seem to get annoyed with me. I’ll say things like “I decided to use a linked list and ended up with more that I had bargained for”. I also like mixing in rap lyrics, so I’ll be like “you down with MVC? Ya you know me!”

Speaking of rap lyrics, something awesome happened to me the other day. Someone sent me $50 for my work on ruby mechanize. I’ve never had someone donate to me for work I’ve done, and I’m very grateful! I say who did it because I haven’t asked if I could, but I want to say thanks!

I helped Katie move this weekend, and now I’ve got Geography rock songs stuck in my head. Here’s my Geography rock playlist so far:

I can’t decided if I should keep the list classic rock because I could have a lot more options like Sleater-Kinney, Of Montreal, and more. Also, if you might be able to include Journey because I journey through life on a highway. Or something. I want to add an America song to the list, but I can’t think of a good one. I don’t really like that “Horse with no Name” song, but that “Ventura Highway” song is okay. Also does “Starland Vocal Band” count? Does anyone else have some good picks?

I really didn’t like geography when I was a kid and I wish I had been in to these bands because it may have encouraged me to like geography more.

In conclusion, I would like to say hello to my readers from India! I’ve noticed that 8% of my traffic is from India, so thanks for reading!

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