Tenderlove Making

Punched in the Penis

While you were all at RainsConf, I was busy getting punched in the penis. I also made some beef jerky.

I met Pam, Stacy, Sabrina, and Wolf at the war room right after making beef jerky. The place was totally packed, and we were going to go up the stairs to the roof. I was leading the way, and waited for this guy and what I think was is girlfriend to move off the stairs. Then I watched his girlfriend punch him in the penis. It wasn’t a hard punch, so the guy wasn’t hurt or anything, but it was weird. The guy saw me see him get punched, and he just stood there in my way. I was just waiting there for him to get out of the way, and he punched me in the penis. He didn’t punch me hard, so I was just really confused. Then he got out of the way, and I went upstairs. I couldn’t believe what had happened! Everyone else was behind me, so they didn’t get to see it, but I told them about it when we got upstairs. Pam said “Who is the penis puncher?”, and I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode……

The End.

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