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Road to Mechanize 0.7.0

I’ve been refactoring Mechanize for an 0.7.0 release. Basically I’m trying to clean the code up and there are a few features that I think are unnecessary, but I would like to ask people first.

I want to remove support for REXML. I don’t use it. Hpricot seems to do everything I need.

I’ve got a bunch of monkey patches for 1.8.2 thru 1.8.4. I’d like to remove these because I think most people are on 1.8.5 or up.

I am going to remove this method. It made sense when REXML was the main parser, since REXML was so slow. I think that Hpricot is fast enough that this method is not so useful.

I’m going to make 0.7.0 lazily build up form and link objects, which should give everyone a slight speed increase but makes watch_for_set obsolete (sort of).

I’m changing around the class names to be better organized, but they should all have the same methods. Also, if there are any feature requests, let me know!

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