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Happy New Year! (RKelly Progress report)

I’ve just started getting the runtime working with RKelly. Its working well enough at this point that I was able to execute my earlier Fibonacci example. I’ve added a method to the runtime that allows you to define ruby functions that may be called from inside javascript. For example, the alert function in the following example is defined in ruby and delegates to puts.

runtime = RKelly::Runtime.new

runtime.define_function(:alert) do |*args|

function f(n) {
  var s = 0;
  if(n == 0) return(s);
  if(n == 1) {
    s += 1;
  } else {
    return(f(n - 1) + f(n - 2));

Here is the execution time with ruby 1.8.6 on my machine: [aaron@mac-mini rkelly]$ time ~/.multiruby/install/1.8.6-p111/bin/ruby -I lib test.rb 6765

real 0m54.332s user 0m53.913s sys 0m0.336s [aaron@mac-mini rkelly]$

Same code, same machine, but with ruby 1.9.0:

[aaron@mac-mini rkelly]$ time ~/.multiruby/install/1.9.0-0/bin/ruby -I lib test.rb 

real	0m20.863s
user	0m20.678s
sys	0m0.142s
[aaron@mac-mini rkelly]$

I need to get loops working next!

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