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Clean it up! RKelly::Nodes::Node#to_ecma

Last night at Nerd Club, I decided to add a “to_ecma” method to <a href=“http://rubyforge.org/projects/rkelly/"">RKelly. This means you can turn your ECMA AST back in to ECMAScript, with the added bonus of properly indenting your code. For example:

require 'rkelly'

parser = RKelly::Parser.new
puts parser.parse(DATA.read).to_ecma

function yo(a,b,a) { this.be.some(); if(nasty) { code();} }

will output this:

function yo(a, b, a){
  if(nasty) {

Now you should be able to modify your AST and generate javascript. Next I want to add finders to easily find nodes in the tree.

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