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I signed up my BetaBrite for a twitter account. Now I’m getting twitter messages in my living room. Yay! Leave a comment, or follow me on twitter so I can get your messages on my sign. I think next I will try to wire up a webcam to automagically take pictures.

Anyway, here is the code:

twitter = Twitter::Base.new('betabrite', '%%%%%%%%')

seen = {}
DATA.each_line { |l| seen[l.chomp] = true }
twit = nil
twitter.timeline(:friends).each do |tweet|
  next if seen[tweet.id]
  twit = tweet

if twit
  File.open(__FILE__, 'a') { |db| db.puts(twit.id) }
  puts "#{twit.text} (#{twit.user.name})"
  bb = BetaBrite::USB.new { |sign|
    sign.stringfile('0') do
      print string("#{twit.text}")
    sign.stringfile('1') do
      print string("(#{twit.user.name})").red

My favorite part is that I use the script for its own database. It keeps appending twitter ids it has seen to the end of the file.

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