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New Ruby Implementation - Brobinius

Brobinius version 1.0.0 has been released!

I am happy to annouce the first release of my new fork of Ruby called Brobinius. The goal of Brobinius is to implement new language features that I have noticed to be completely missing.

For example, Object#tase! The tase method is featured in many other languages but is sadly missing from Ruby. Brobinius has a fully implemented tase! method.

Brobinius also has fully serializable kittenuations. You can create and serialize your kittenuations, then pick up your snuggling where you left off. For example:

Since Brobinius’s kittenuations are serializable, you can share them over the network with friends!

Brobinius also features screencasts with automatic YouTube uploads. All you have to do write your program, then pass the –screencast option to Brobinius. Brobinius will automatically create a screencast of your program and upload it to YouTube:

You can even add the –geoff flag to create screencasts with Geoffrey Grosenbach doing the voice over.

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